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. there are a lot of folks here in the united states who have, as you mentioned, family members, relatives or friends there. they need that information. i'm glad that you were able to provide it for us. chris lawrence, one of a team of reporters who have arrived there in haiti and will be following the story throughout. there's a big part of this story that is actually taking place in the united states. specifically, in south florida. there are some 350,000 haitians living in south florida for, governor charlie crist, this is one very busy day. there you see him. i have been monitoring his comings and goings throughout the day as he meets with community leaders and tries to take care of the problems that are coming about. it's been a sleepless night for him and for his aides. he will join us in just a little bit. stay there. big deal, pe 5uade him. is it wise to allow a perishable item to spoil? he asked, why leave a room empty? the additional revenue easily covers operating costs. 65 dollars is better than no dollars. okay. $65 for tonight. you can't argue with a big deal. >>> being from
the ambassador from haiti to the united states, that more than 100,000 are feared dead or missing as a result of this earthquake that rocked haiti almost 24 hours ago. more than 100,000 people. we heard the same thing from the prime minister of haiti just a few hours ago. susan candiotti is now on the scene for us. just a little while ago filed this report. >> reporter: over my shoulder you will see some of the thousands of homes that are built into the side of the mountains here. these ones you see over my shoulder incredibly were not impacted by the earthquake, but as we flew from the dominican republic into port-au-prince, we began to see right away some of the devastation caused by this earthquake. we saw, for one thing, a lot of homes that were employeded, looked as though they had been imploded. then when we finally set down or helicopter at the airport here, we saw cracks in the airport, we saw people teeming outside, lined up, but patiently, without causing problem, waiting to see if they could get a commercial flight out. there was no way that was going to happen, but the real impact
into the airport as well. >> there was the indication last night from the haitian ambassador to the united states that communication was very, very difficult with the haitian government. explain some of the challenges that poses to the obama administration, to all these agencies that want to get involved when it's very difficult it trying to find out exactly who you can talk to in haiti. >> well, the problem is you can bring supplies in but how do you distribute them? that allows you to coordinate first to find out where the needs are and, second, to have a system in place so you can get the food, the water, the medicine to where it needs to be. and that means getting communications equipment into the field, into the hands of people who can connect up with local officials, local public health authorities and local communities to figure out how to get the commodities that are flowing in into the hands of the people who need them. and then what you need to do as well is bring emergency generators in to begin to restore as much of the local certifica service as you can in this very difficult circums
for. the haitian prime minister tells sky news the death toll could top 100,000. the united states and united nations are reluctant to confirm that we're just now getting our first aerial pictures in. the united states has sent choppers now flying over port-au-prince. as you're seeing here, you're looking at some of the damage. again, we're told port-au-prince is the main epicenter of the damage where buildings have collapsed. especially dangerous these concrete buildings where the roofs themselves were made out of concrete cinder block. when they fall in they cause devastating injury and damage. in many of the slums, the shelters are mostly lean tos, flimy. jeff rossen monitoring from new york. year getting aerial pictures in, the first we're seeing. let's talk about the estimates. if you have the president predicting 100,000 -- >> one of the senators said 500,000. >> any way to confirm that? >> u.s. officials believe, of course, this is a catastrophe. i don't think there's any question about that. they don't believe the numbers will be that high. what's tough about this situation
of the united states? >> greta: and the senator said what to you, sir? >> the senator said that he thought that it was constitutional. that the only reservation he had was the individual mandate that's in the bill. he said that would probably have to go to the supreme court. but he believed that the supreme court would approve it as being constitutional. >> greta: about how many people were present at this town hall meeting? >> by my guess around 280. there's 240 seats in the hall plus roughly 40 people standing either by the walls or sitting in the aisles. all the seats were filled. >> greta: it is considered a conservative area do you consider yourself republican, democrat, independent? >> i'm an active member of the republican party of waukesha county. >> greta: what percentage in the room were republicans and what percentage were democrats? >> i have no idea, but i do know that someone else took a straw poll of how many people favored this piece of legislation and how many were opposed. there were exactly 12 people in favor of it and everyone else opposed. so that would be roughly 90%
earthquake in haiti. it is a humanitarian disaster that has the united states president obama promising quick action. >> i have directed my administration to respond with a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives. >> that was the president just a short time ago vowing to provide all the help the u.s. can provide to haiti. i'm tamron hall with special live coverage of the unfolding situation in that country and it is quite honestly a desperate and very chaotic scene and around the capital of port-au-prince, the latest we're getting into msnbc. just a short time ago the humanitarian group doctors without borders says all hospitals in the port-au-prince area have been either collapsed or they are at this moment ab abandoned. as we are hearing from haiti's president for the first time who says he believes thousands are dead. the international red cross estimates 3 million people have been affected by the earthquake but it may take weeks before the full extent of the misery is truly known. and in about a half hour, we'll get an update from the state department and military officials
to help haiti address its own problems. many haitian americans living in the united states have technical expertise in areas such as agriculture, education, health care and infrastructure and would like to return to haiti to assist their people. my bill creates a mechanism to transfer this knowledge in order to meet the needs and the goals of haiti. beyond that we need to ensure that we find other innovative ways to build human capacity, such through education alex changes, programs like i have proposed and other members, the chirly chisholm act, now more than ever, haiti needs the support of its neighbor to the north. even as we deal with our own problems during these tough economic times, we must not turn a blind eye to the untold human suffering just off our shores. today we express our continued support for haiti, we stand in solidarity with the haitians and the haitian americans who have lost loved ones, with the united states citizens still trapped on the island. we stand in solidarity with the rescue workers who have devoted their time and their treasure to help people they do not
in the pledge. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from american samoa, mr. faleomavaega, is recognized for one minute. mr. faleomavaega: madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent to speak for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. faleomavaega: madam speaker , it is my great honor and pleasure to welcome the reverend to the chamber today. reverend samuel, as he's properly known in our smowan community, is from -- samoan community, is from my home district in american samoa. he's part of the congregational christian church in american samoa. he was appointed secretary to the partnership consultation committee of the administrative initiative of the church of christ. he was ordained in the mid 1990's where he became pastor of the bread of life church in honolulu prior to becoming secretary of the ccas. to my knowledge he is the first american samoan to give the prayer to the house.
of haiti. our coverage continues from the united states, from haiti and beyond on this special edition of "studio b." i'm shepard smith, i'm glad you're with us. president obama pledging support of the united states government in the wake of the earthquake in haiti. relief flights from the u.s. government and self states from the nation. air force special operations wing due there this afternoon as well as coast guard and naval ships. chinese officials and rescue workers are there. the uss karl vincent is due there tomorrow. the u.s. state department set up a toll free hot line. 888-407-4747. if you can't get through try again later. mike with air travel severely limited ships are expected to play a vital role? assistance. >> no question. you have an airport with one runway to limited airport facilities to get people into and out of haiti. so ships will be vital. here's the commander of south com. >> we have various ships in the region, coast guard ships and department of defense. they have limited supplies on them but they have some vertical lift capability. some helicopters. >> so th
that is a business model. it is bad for the long-term interest of a sustainable united states economy. the agenda here has to be to revive investment. reward bankers that are lending money and helping our manufactures, our entrepreneurs, are small businesses, create jobs and generate wealth. >> representative welch, thank you so much. governor, thank you as well. i can see you nodding. that is it for us. i'm dylan. up next, "hardball." >> earthquake in haiti. good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. here is what we know at this hour. bodies are piling up in the streets of port-au-prince. haiti's prime minister says hundreds of thousands of people may be dead. the haitian president says he has heard 30,000 to 50,000 people may be dead. there is no true casualty figure yet. haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and the damage from the earthquake is widespread. the quake flattened the palace the roman catholic cathedral the main prison and hospitals and schools in the capital. president obama pledged an all-out rescue and humanitarian effort. >> i have directed my administrat
the full support of the united states. we are working quickly to account for u.s. embassy personnel and their families in port-au-prince. as well as the many american citizens who live and work in haiti. >> mr. obama pointed dr. rajiv shah. dr. shah was sworn in to office last friday. the airport in haiti's capital, port-au-prince, fortunately not severely damaged. >> coordinated effort, focused very much on saving lives through aggressive search and rescue in urban -- urban environment for the next 72 hours. that will be the primary focus of our engagement. >> aid had begun to pour in. good morning, i'm andrea mitchel and we apologize for, obviously the technical problem was the wrong tape at the top of the program. as we go to the catastrophe in haiti today, the death toll in haiti may be far worse than originally feared. the haitian prime minister says that it could be well over 100,000 people. haitian senator went even further those numbers could not be verified by anybody in the u.s. government. haiti's president preval is calling it an unimaginable catastrophe. the national pa
of female soldiers have any 21st century united states army. we fail to talk about what it's like for commanders now with the 12 to 18 months of the well time to prepare for a 12-month deployment, what it's like to build teams, and how -- all the things that go into building teams in keeping them together. there's a lot of great stuff to talk about there and we just missed the opportunity because we got caught up in other things. but as far as my formations and the intent, my intent been understood by the soldiers and i don't have any second -- i don't have any issues with that at all. i think we are ok. >> general, american forces press corps. going to a more mundane things appear if it was the situation in and around mosul and what are your troops going to do on the election or for the election? >> great question it. you're first question was about mosul and the second one was about the election. mosul, mosul has got to elements of two iraqi divisions. iraqi army divisions. we do not have an iraqi police primacy in mosul ads because of the iraqi police strength is not sufficient
while rescue and relief efforts are under way. the united states embassy in haiti is working around the clock to locate american citizens, believed to be in the country. a travel alert is in effect until march 13th. now, we have a little bit of an update here, savannah, from the white house. the president received two briefings this morning at 7:15. one was an update from the dhs, the homeland security department's national operation center, and then he got a memo from the national security adviser, which described just what they have learned so far. i know one thing, savannah, that they're hoping to do is get, now that daylight has broken, is get an aerial view of the devastation in and around port-au-prince so they can get at least some idea of what they're dealing with, since they don't have a lot of information from on the ground reports just yet, savannah. >> yeah. i mean, communications are basically nonexistent, so it's really hard to get a handle on what's needed, but suffice it to say, a lot of help is needed and we're told u.s. relief efforts are already under way to get t
of what passed united states senate. the number may go higher, we simply don't know. more on that in the moment. one of my democrat colleagues spoke out in a post bill in the house of representatives, i quoted. during the florida debate. he said the last thing you do in a recession is raise taxes and that's what this bill does. in the midst of the worse recession in 25 years just makes no sense. and yet, it's at the very center of this bill. and millions of americans will actually also lose the health insurance that they currently have. if this bill were to become law. one of the assurances the president has given the american people is if you like the insurance you have you can keep it. well, apparently administration wasn't talking about medicare advantage when they referred that. the bills in the house and senate include massive cuts in the medicare advantage program. and so people that have med can care advantage have vin vative new private insurance available for million office seniors and me digap policy. but also recognizing that the business of creating the massi
that the united states will help victims of the earthquake in haiti. right now as many as 3 million people are in dire need of food, water, shelter and medical supplies. we will get the latest from janet choi in miami. haitians are frantically pulling survivors in port-au- prince. the strongest earthquake to hit the area struck. the presidential palace and the united nations headquarters in haiti both collapsed. the head of the u.n. peace keeping mission remains missing. thousands are believed to be buried in the rubble. american aide worker was buried under a foot of concrete. her husband dug her out. >> we had to pull bricks and bricks and wood and doors and metal away for at least, at least an hour before we were able to get her and her co- worker out as well. >> reporter: international relief agencies are rushing in aid and personnel. a search and rescue team from virginia is gearing up to go and president obama is promising more help. >> when disasters such as this, the first hours and days are absolutely critical to saving lives and avoiding greater tragedy. >>> there is a large hait
of the united states. >> defoliants station in haiti. the massive relief effort underway for millions of people affected by this huge earthquake. >>> the winter warm up begins. lounge it last in my sky watch forecast. >>> and how american idol could get more youth to get out and vote. >>> live in high definition from wbff tv in baltimore this is fox 45 news at 5:on 30. >>> tonight a citywide effort to crackdown on crime. >> mayor sheila dixon, soon to be member sheila blake will be hitting the streets as a united front. >>> and joy is here with more. >> reporter: jeff and jennifer, last year alone 238 people were killed in baltimore city. so far this year five people have been killed. there is no doubt curbing the city's violence will certainly be a challenge for soon to be mayor chef knee rawlings blake. just last night a man was shot in the face near a high school in west baltimore. a crowd was just leaving the high school following the basketball game. the 129-year-old victim who was not a student was taken to sinai hospital. whoever shot the teen was seen getting on a metrobus and police a
the full support of the united states and the urgent effort to help those trapped beneath the rubble and to help with the humanitarian relief. in that effort, our government is specially usaid and the departments of state and offense are working closely together and with our partners are haiti, the region, and around the world. >> this is the worst earthquake to hit haiti in 200 years. joining me now from the state department is spokesman p.j. crowley. i'm sure americans are wondering if there's going to be international help here. what kind of communication has taken place between the state department and other countries in this massive relief effort? >> well, support for haiti is already an international effort with the united nations and assets from a number of countries. the united states and others will continue to flow systems to haiti. as rapidly as we can get it there for the united states we have put on the ground an assessment team, what are the priorities as we move through the next couple of days. as the president has said, our usaid administrator said, our focus is savin
about the airport situation. we know that aid is here in the united states. people are ready to bring in supplies. can they even land at the airport? >> that's one of the difficulties here. the airport luckily infrastructure wise is okay. the runways are okay. the problem is the control tower suffered damage and there's also an air traffic control issue as well. flights on a limited basis can get in there. that's good news the airports weren't damaged and they saved many people. military flights can most likely get in there. remember, there's a danger because you can military helicopters, relief helicopters, small planes in the area with very limited air traffic control. you don't want to see some kind of air disaster over port-au-prince where more people are killed. so the airport is open. the u.n. says the airport is operating but on a very limited basis at this point. >> jeff rossen, thank you very much. >> much of haiti's national palace has been flattened. again the palace was considered one of the sturdiest buildings in port-au-prince. at the top before the quake hit on the bott
heard screaming for help across the region. haiti's ambassador to the united states told katie couric on evening news tonight that the damage is significant and that haiti the world's most impoverished needs the world's help. a tsunami watch is in effect right now for haiti, cuba, the bahamas and the dominican republic. most communications are down but first-hand reports are hard to come by. that said, we have been able to get in touch with joel trimble, a missionary in the town of thomason in haiti. can you describe the scene for us, sir. >> in is the worst decimation i have ever seen. i have never seen anything in haiti in the 34 years i have been here to this effect. the house i'm in on the mott rocked. i thought it was going to fall over. the vehicle in the driveway was rocking like there was five guys trying to push it over and now there is a cloud of dust over the city of port-au-prince. >> shepard: you went out on a motorcycle after the initial quake. there have been a number of aftershocks to follow, but you went out on a motorcycle. tell us what you saw, place to place? >> lo
. >> the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble. and to deliver the humanitarian relief, the food, water, and medicine that haitians will need in the coming days. >> by dawn, the president received three briefings on the earthquake. by mid-morning he placed coordination for relief efforts the head of the u.s. agency for international development. >> it's a significant effort and we're committed to doing everything we can. >> with the government buildings in haiti destroyed and a frantic search for survivors underway, the u.s. accounted for all 172 embassy employees. eight americans were wounded, four critically, who are now receiving treatment after being airlifted off the island. the next task assess the needs of 45,000 u.s. citizens living and working in haiti. the damage assessment teams and rescue squads arrived late today. the immediate u.s. goals reopen the airport and the ports vital to moving supplies in and refugees out. in a phone interview with fox, humanitarian aid worker described the quake's
them deal with it. >> the united states is offering powerful assistance to haiti and others in the region. we will provide civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. >> emergency response teams have been called up from virginia and california. >> there is specialized equipment. some of it is helping to search for victims trapped underneath concrete. >> at least a couple of americans are believed to be trapped in the rubble. a series -- serious loss of life is expected to there. >> we have been working so hard trying to get over the devastation of the last four hurricanes that took place within weeks of each other in 2008. >> the american red cross has pledged $200,000 in assistance and is sending in teams to haiti to help victims get food, water, and shelter. wbal-tv. >> stress affects all americans. a steady to tell you about. >> -- study to tell you about. >> and a girl receives three doses of the swine flu vaccine. it doesn't pose a threat? we will tell you when we come back -- does it pose a it's not fun. my dry skin is deep down uncomfortable. [
back and forth. and exports from the united states has increased quite a bit. this year and one month we had sort of a setback. that is common because the numbers are released you a lot by borrowing. they shipped and plans one month and won the next, and that can make a big difference in the trade figures for that one month. it is a general trend, exports are rising pretty strongly. that is pretty good news for the american worker because it means maybe we are becoming more competitive and maybe we can sell more things. >> host: to job creation. carol, republican. good morning. >> caller: yes. i have a question in regards to the health care affects on new job creation and what it will do to the job economy. one of the questions i have, their is a lot of corruption in the city of chicago, and a lot of the newspapers. husband has been in jail for a couple years. while he was in jail for embezzlement and corruption he wrote the book that is the foundation of health care. is that the same? thank you. >> guest: to that health care. make the broader connection. it is really rough. a lot of
-888-407-4747. >>> the united states is ramping up their efforts to help victims of the haiti earthquake. obama said that they will be swift, coordinated and aggressive. he promises more people and more supplies on the way. >> i have directed my administration to respond with a swift, coordinated, and aggressive effort to save lives. the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states and the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble and the humanitarian need of food, water, and medicine that they will need in the coming days. in that effort, our government, especially usaid and the department defense are working closely with the people of haiti and around the world. >> the battalion chief of the search and rescue team are familiar with the haiti terrain. they helped in 2008 when a school collapsed there. i understand that you have a team that has just boarded an airplane to go to haiti. do you know where your crew will report and what their primary mission will be? >> yes. current they are en route and boarding the aircraft as we speak. they are going to land and once
here and to try to make it more amenable for companies like yours to create jobs in the united states? >> well, obviously, we're in the united states for the talent that is there and also the association with where our rnd departments are in new york state. new york state made it attractive years ago for us to look at that as a region to put manufacturing in place based on taxes, based on incentives, based on r&d. so the united states needs to keep focusing in on that and to leverage that innovation network that always has been there via the universities and the companies that are there. many of our major customers are based in the united states. many of the fabulous companies that we'll serve, many of the 150 -- >> do they need tax incentives, things like that? >> absolutely. tax incentives, making sure that we can have the best and brightest remain there and not leave our shores to go. but as a global company, we're in the united states, we're in europe, and we're in asia for the purposes to locate where our customers are, but also to have access to the best .brightest around the wo
ask them how much, exactly, of this to you deserve by virtue of being a banker in the united states? even though you have been saved by the federal government. our sec person just call in all of our tax dollars. we are honest, government of biting folks for whom taxes are regulated, the banks were bailed out, saving these people, the bankers, their jobs, and etc.. now i want to ask them how do you explain tehe math? how is that benefiting? how is that fair? host: some of the names that we will hear from -- here is the photo from the paper -- "banks testifying before the committee last february, today they will hear from lloyd blank ein, jamie diamon, brian moynihan. leaders in congress said that they were not interested in debating the bankers. their purpose was to get information and it was more important than shaming anyone. for the chief executive at jpmorgan chase, the chief executive at goldman sachs, bank of america, and morgan stanley, that is good news as they prepare for their 9:00 a.m. appearance." john, what would you ask the bankers today? caller: probably 20 different q
nation. the capital city in ruins. the population now facing a struggle to survive, as the united states and the world rush to help. this special edition of "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> good evening, i'm lester holt in new york. brian williams is in haiti tonight. a country brought to its knees by a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake. brian joins us on the telephone from port-au-prince with the very latest. >> reporter: lester, this is a desperate country tonight. we are in the middle of a dark tarmac in port-au-prince international airport in haiti. imagine there is no power, no lights unless they're coming off the aircraft. no food or water to speak of, and now the relief flights are starting to come in. you hear the prop wash from one plane in the background. some of them, and this is the cost of good intentions, are dropping relief supplies on a tarmac. there aren't enough people or moving vehicles with gasoline to come and get the bandages and syringes. we saw one fetal monitor that stood in the middle of one tarmac with no one to claim it. th
climate is better in those countries than it is in the united states. >> right. >> caller: but my question is, if other countries are so much more attractive and business friendly than the united states currently, should we have even greater 20% --? >> i waffle over this. 20% is foreign. 10% is gold. that leaves 70% for united states. i am not giving up on this country. we have a lot of great values. remember, many of the s&p stocks and most of the dow stocks are international companies. they will take advantage of exactly what you're talking about. 20% overseas is very high. probably the highest of any money manager i know. that's how far i'm going and not a percent further. i need to go to mitch in south carolina, which i call carolina. mitch? >> caller: hi, jim. got a big-time boo-yah from charleston, south carolina. >> man, you've got that charleston university boo-yah. everyone's crazy about that school. go ahead. >> caller: -- around $40 a share just before the recent push. currently, up about 20% and definitely think the stock has more room to run. my question centers around the fac
in the united states have to turn for information is social media. cnn has set up a haiti desk to monitor the pleas for help and bring you many of the heart wrenching stories and pictures that the survivors want the world to see. >>> and officials say they cannot even begin to guess how many casualties there are. haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. and there is barely any emergency response to speak of. pentagon officials say they're already working on shipments of humanitarian aid, but getting there will be tough, since the control tower at the airport in port-au-prince is gone. >>> scenes of horror and devastation in haiti this morning, 13 hours after a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook the capital city of port-au-prince and the surrounding area. still not clear how many people are dead at this point and how much more misery has been happied on the most desperate, disaster-prone area in the hemisphere. but one thing is certain, this is an unimaginable disaster. we're using the global resources of cnn to bring you have the most complete coverage of the earthquak
with a population of 2 million. joining us now on the phone is the haitian ambassador to the united states raymond joseph. ambassador joseph, thanks for your time tonight. first of all, your reaction to these reports that most of port-au-prince has been destroyed. >> well, i would not be surprised, and i am saddened by it. but even back in 2004 when i was flying in to the capital of haiti, port-au-prince, after 13 years being away, from the air, i saw the kind of buildings that were dotting the hills around port-au-prince willy-nilly. i wrote a piece in which i said port-au-prince is a catastrophe waiting to happen. and it saddens me that this prophetic piece that i wrote back in 2004 has come to a reality today. so i know my country has suffered a lot, and this is an added suffering that we did not need. >> ambassador raymond joseph. ambassador joseph, we're going to ask you to stick around. we're going to take a quick break and get some of the latest information. we'll talk to the ambassador and update all of our viewers of the latest information coming from haiti. just a scene of utter catastro
news. >>> i'm colleen mcedwards. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "world report," and we begin with the aftermath of an earthquake, a powerful magnitude 7.0 quake has hit large parts of the haitian capital. fears that hundreds of people are dead in that rubble, and here's that picture of the cloud over the skyline. that is dust and an idea of just how bad this damage is. witnesses say they heard screams, saw panic, saw chaos. and there's a grim list of destruction, too. the national palace heavily damaged. there's a shot of it there. a hospital reportedly collapsed. the u.n. peacekeeper compound devastated, and many peacekeepers are unaccounted for. at least two u.s. mission naear are reported trapped in the rubble. there's the palace before and after nicely shown there. the popular hotel montana, even the ministry of commerce may be severely damaged as well. now, in the dead of night in haiti, an eerie silence. witnesses report no vehicles moving, few lights on, but there is some hope. an aid work ner in a town 50 kilometers from the capit
the president to speak any minute now on the tragedy in haiti and what the united states is doing right now to get help, where it needs to go, about 730 miles off the coast of florida in haiti. i want to get to those remarks, we'll take you straight there. we're also expecting at the white house senator harry reid and speaker of the house nancy pelosi at the white house over the next ten minutes or so. democrats we're told maying closing in on a final house and senate deal. so we may start to see the formulation of an actual agreed upon health care reform bill very close in the works there. care line shiveley is at the white house, while we await the president to speak. care line, have we got a bill? >> reporter: not quite yet. wouldn't it be great if they walked out the door and said here it is and handed us the 2000 pages? we're not expecting that today. we do expect them to get closer. we're told harry reid moments ago walked in the side door of the white house, nancy pelosi, probably close on his heels. the schedule has been rearranged this morning because of the president's statements
is not the only spouse in this united states house of representatives who loves to watch c-span at all hours of the day and night because they are so unbiased and cut to the chase and treat people fairly and take questions from republicans, democrats and independents and it's no nonsense, it's just the facts, ma'am, sir. c-span tell advises many of the things we do in this chamber and in the committee process. brian lamb who has been with c-span, probably president and c.e.o. who has been there 20 years wrote a letter just recently to the president of the united states. and mr. speaker, here's the letter from c-span to the house and senate leadership. c-span requests that you open all important negotiations, including any conference committee meetings, to electronic media coverage. so the american people can see, can connect the dots, can understand about the louisiana purchase, can understand about the nebraska compromise or is it the corn husker compromise in which it seems to a lot of people out there on main street that maybe nebraska got the corn and everybody else got the husks. that's
are killed or injured. they have no emergency services to rely on now. the united states is trying to help with civilian and military aid. they are also sending in rescue teams. >> the main thing that is are needed are search andres cue and immediate assistance for food and water for people trapped in buildings. the search andres cue is going to be a priority for the government and organizations in haiti. >> with so many of the phone and power lines down, we are getting word from your fellow viewers, i-reporters in haiti. jonathan works with a church group and here he is describing what he saw. >> three-story houses collapsed on to the one below it. i saw fences, block wall fences fallen on a motorcycle. one woman, i could only see her head, the rest of her body was trapped under the fence, under a block wall. she had, obviously, i think she was dead. she has blood coming out of her eyes, nose and ears. >> an american airlines flight from haiti to miami was boarding when the earthquake struck. some chose not to get on. the flight took off and landed safely. passengers say they weren't exac
, it's affect on the people of haiti. the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and others in the region. we will be providing civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance and our prayers are with the people who have suffered, their families, and their loved ones. >> all right. we're going to bring in on the phone now luke renner who is a had yumanitarian worker just li off the haitian capital. what can you tell us about what you have seen, what do you know about the situation there? >> well, just to clarify, i'm about 90 miles north of the capital. we did feel the earthquake. we felt all of the aftershocks, but we haven't experienced the same damage that port-au-prince has. i've been trying all night long to get in touch with our colleagues on the ground in port-au-prince. the entire phone system here is completely down. communicationwise, the backbone of haiti is basically a prepaid cell phone system, and from all indications, that's just completely been obliterated, so what we've been doing is tracking with our colleagues and coworkers and
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the united states will do everything it can to help the earthquake victims in haiti. he spoke this morning just before beginning a meeting with democratic leaders to work out details on the final health care bill. the president promises an all-out rescue and humanitarian effort to help haiti in the wake of what he called a cruel and incomprehensible tragedy. >> i have directed my administration to respond with a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives. the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble and to deliver the humanitarian relief, the food, water and medicine, that haitians will need in the coming days. jon: major garrett is live the at white house for us now. what can you tell us about what the plans are, major? >> reporter: jon, the president has received three briefings on the earthquake, the most at -- first at seven, the second at 10:15, he goes on to the head of development, raj shah, the president in the remarks said he's the lead coordinator for the rescue andie leaf -- relief
of haiti. hillary clinton says the u.s. in the process of gathering information. >> the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and to others in the region. we will be providing both civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. >> reporter: the earthquake was also felt in the dominican republican which shares a border with haiti on the island of hispaniola. some panicked residents ran from their shaking homes but no damage was reported there. >> reporter: we're back here live at the fairfax fire and rescue training academy where they are ready to deploy at a moment's notice. with me is the assistant fire chief dare roar. have you been on the missions before and explain to me when you're hearing the reports of what the damage is down there. is there anything like your men have seen before? >> many of the men and women have been on disasters similar to this before, but it sounds like from the reports that we're getting from news media and in side that the devastation is pretty complex and pretty involved there. so our training and experience hopefull
to the united states. >>> 6:38 all of the talk about the cold air but not much wind chill and we did find a spot registering a wind chill but it is up on a hill with a wind chill of 14. otherwise, we have got ourselves a partly cloudy set up, warming trend into the 40s for a few days before a winter storm tries to approach. that is coming up in just a couple of minutes. >>> sheila dixon should give the money back. >> outrage cries could be heard across city hall demanding the mayor to give the money back. >>> why a brew could cost a little more pretty soon. >>> more than 1400 jobs are coming to baltimore, how you can be part of history and make some money doing it. >>> to the very end, in the end, we will have the highlights coming up. c announcer: when it comes to fighting flu viruses, like 2009 h1n1, wash your hands and get your flu shot. regularly disinfect surfaces. and talk to your friends about doing the same. let's help spread protection against flu viruses like 2009 h1n1. >>> good wednesday morning, thanks for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> we will tell you about the news in the
to the united states said now is the time for all haitians and those in other countries to pull together to help this very poor country through a devastating time. they've been through difficult times before and he said haitians will come out of this stronger and united. he said they're a courageous people. he's going to meet with the u.s. state department to discuss more about what sort of aid this country needs. >> the state department has called me to come in and sit down to try to coordinate any help that they're going to give haiti. but, as i said, we don't know what is next until there is an assessment, until we know truly that the port-au-prince airport is open. >> reporter: and that assessment may take some time. this earthquake hit about 10 minutes until 5:00 haitian time and it will be difficult because as you've heard that communications are down. the airport there in port-au- prince is operating althgh one tower was hit. one of the most crucial things they need right now is for people to pull together is they need a hospital ship because the hospitals were hit as well and they, thems
to hurricanes or any severe rainstorms, what is it you think that people in the united states who are watching this who want to help you after you have gone and seen what is needed. what do you think will be needed most besides obviously hospital supplies? >> well, i think one of the -- a dear brother he said and i want to congratulate and join him that said it is a state of emergency in haiti because right now, like you said, things have happened in the past. not to that magnitude. i think, like you said, we, as haitian, we need to stand up first before others. there are 4 million of us outside of haiti if we unit as one, i think something can happen. >> reporter: joseph, we talked in our earlier newscast about the importance of social networking, facebook and twitter getting pictures out, skype or just contacting people. what's the conversation that's been going on among haitians in the united states and outside of haiti on facebook that may help in getting the need, the humanitarian relief to the people who need it most. >> okay. last night i was up all night on facebook and i have seen peo
tended to reduce risk and speculation. >> what about if forhe united states you think tax an bonuses ll be imposed he? >> unlikely. doesn't seem to be the political will t it. you could arguethat americans are an inspirational society. there'sontent about the size of the bonuses a lot of people look at wall streetnd say, well, i wish i w one them raer than i hate them. >> thank you for joinings. >> a pleasure. >>> we'd also liketo know what you ink of all of this. tonight's question --hould the united states government jn others in imposing big taxes o bankers' bonuses in th country? you n give us your opinion by going to the how-you-see-it section of our website at >> finally tonight, more hopel note from the partof e world muchetter known for conflict when economic delopment. there isn ambitious $500 million plan to resettle te of thousands of palestinia in wh would be the westans first plannecity. the projectanager still nd approvalrom isrel for accss roads. but theyent ead with the ound breaking earlier this moh anyway. felice freezeman has that story. >> reporter:
telescope in the western united states. astronomers are guessing it could be space junk or just a tiny asteroid. you never know. >> and now here's a look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at10,627 after falling 36 points on tuesday. the s&p dipped 10. and the nasdaq lost 30 points. >>> taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei fell 144 points, while in hong kong the hang seng tumbled 578 points. >>> earnings season is off to a rough start on wall street. a disappointing lead off report from alcoa has investors worried more companies will soon follow suit. alcoa shares tanked to their lowest levels since the market bottomed out last year. while the aluminummaker's net losses were down, overall sales fell short of estimates. >>> a surprise decision in china raise the bank's required rfsh level, sparking fears of pullback in chinese import demand. that sent carpillar and new mining down 3%. president obama is about to slap a federal tax on the nation's bigest bank. >> the s.e.c. says the largest bank violated federal policy by hiding merril
central california up into the northwestern states, the central parts of the united states are clear. precipitation-free and most of the eastern united states is precipitation-free with the exiption of some lake effect snows in portions of new york and pennsylvania -- with the exception of some lake effect snows in portions of new york and pennsylvania. a little bit warmer today for us. a high about 40 degrees. for tonight, cold again. maybe not quite as cold. 27degrees for your overnight low in town. wind remain calm. that is a good thing. then for your five-day forecast, we warm up nicely tomorrow into the mid- and upper 40s. by friday, we should be into the low 50s. some of you still the upper 40s but in town, i think the low 50s. saturday, flirting with 50. and on sunday, some precipitation moves in. that will most likely be rain. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> most people are flirting with disaster and you're flirting with rain? >> i'll take that. >> the rain or the disaster? >> the rain. checking o
which is to support taxpayers of the united states and the housing market while we are in trouble. that is the first stage for about five years. the second stage we have got to decide what we want to do. my only plea is, let's not go back to the model of privately owned organizations with government backing. people talk about co-ops and alternatives to investor- ownership. we forget that the farm credit system which was a cooperative, blew up in the mid-1980s because a cold as an incentive to lower its profits to benefit its member-users. you have distorted incentives in co-ops. Ñiall kinds of institutions have failed, banks, thrifts, wall street, building current, all kinds of institutions have failed. my specialty is government organization and design, i would say that g s e'a have special vulnerability. they are dealt with as unique institutions which means that congress can give them a lower capital standards than competing banks or thrifts. when they are unique institutions, you are essentially giving them high leverage which i would contend is a very dangerous subsidy. what
is needed. obviously, it will be. the state department usaid and united states southern command are working on whatever assistance is needed. we'll have more on that. jill daughtery is at the state house for us and we'll be talking to her. here is an expert on disaster preparedness in haiti. he works for the coordinated global initiative and he joins us right now. and drew, i know you've been working with the haitian government to plan for a disaster like this. give us an idea of what, if any, resources they really have to be able to respond. >> resources in haiti are sparse at best. they are struggling after decades of major political problems and poverty. some of the most basic things you would be looking for in response to an event like this, including trucks, including simple food and water stock is difficult to come by. in fact, in many cases it doesn't exist at all. and i would even say the emergency services in haiti are in very, very bad shape. in fact, nationally they're only about two firehouses that are actually fully capable of performing emergency response operations, and that'
it to you live over the next two hours. we'll talk live with the haitian ambassador to the united states who is providing us with the newest information on the toll unfolding. he's tell us about humanitarian efforts under way to help the country and victims. he says this is the worst day in haiti's history. we'll talk live with wyclef jean born in haiti and he's reaching out to fans and others to help. he'll be with us in a moment as well. we'll talk live via skype with an aid worker on the ground. here's what we know right now. it's night in haiti, cries can be heard echoing through the streets. cries for help, cries of pain. a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck southern haiti before 5:00 p.m. eastern. the capital, port-au-prince, taking a powerful hit, the full extent of the damage not yet known. from what we hear and what we can see in pictures on quitter and other places online, it's significant. the quake struck near the earth's surface about 10 miles southwest near port-au-prince. a lot of the structures there are flimsy to say the least. a u.n. official said the headquarters has collapse
, and his age, sarah palin could have been the president of the united states. does he not care enough about us seriously and his staff to pick somebody who has american, rudimentary base core knowledge. ed, if you can wrap this up. i'm in a hurry. >> he says he was really involved in the vetting process. sfle was busy. he was really busy. this is a travesty. >>> tonight in our phone survey i asked you should mark mcgwire be stripped of his major league baseball records. 84% of you said yes. 16% of you said no. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. chris matthews and hau"hardballn the place for politics, msnbc. see you right here tomorrow night. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, "game change." the hottest political book in memory. tonight we've got the authors. for the first half hour, of "hardball" tonight, we start with the unflattering report of hillary clinton as an unfocused candidate who eagerly sought to slime barack obama. why aren't her supporters fighting back now? could be because they're the source of all the negative
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